#Ditchthesugar Day 2 With Banana Mango Pudding

IMG_20150109_183705 (1)

Ditch the sugar with banana mango pudding.
In a high power blender, I put in some organic frozen mango chunks (I did not measure) and a VERY ripe banana and blended until I got my desired consistency.

Place in a bowl and add a splash of vanilla if you wish. It is delish! It tastes better with fresh mango, but all I had was frozen. You can sub papaya for the mango as well.

I have also made this pudding and then put it in the freezer for a frozen treat! If you eat it fresh, it’s best to consume the day you make it. Totally eases my sweet tooth. Give it a try

#Ditchthesugar Challenge Has Begun


The Ditch The Sugar Challenge has begun. For 11 glorious days, I will post an easy, sweet-tooth-fulfilling recipe. Today, it’s the classic Ants on a Log! You can use your favorite nut or seed butter, just make sure that it contains no added sugars. Don’t like raisins? Use dried cherries or dried cranberries. You can omit the dried fruit all together if you want to go sugar rouge! Sprinkle with cinnamon for a special touch and ENJOY. Your body will love you for not forcing it to “deal” with loads of insulin from this tasty treat.