The Perfect Trifecta… I will be offering it soon

Finished my Tabata training yesterday and MAN, am I feeling every muscle in my body! This is an incredible training system built on the high intensity interval training system (HIIT). Don’t be afraid of this term, you need not jump or jar your joints to receive all the benefits of this way of working out. I am planning to offer a mini boot camp this summer… just 4 weeks long… for all fitness levels. I love Tabata because it is comprehensive training: exercise, nutrition and lifestyle behavior changes, what I call the perfect TRIFECTA! Get ready to begin transforming. I will be offering 8 week boot camps beginning this fall. Can’t wait.

Register for Awakening The Goddess Today

I am so excited to be hosting a radical self care event in Lansing, MI. Together with Tara Scott, of
3 Jewels Yoga, I created what hopes to be a magical experience that celebrates “coming home” within. It is time to heal, eat, move and think like a Goddess. Let’s celebrate the powerful female spirit in all of us!

We are hosting this event at the beautiful Heartdance Studio in Lansing, MI. It is an intimate and sacred space created by Winnalee Zeeb. It is the perfect space to come alive, go deep within and Awaken the Goddess! The space is small, so please register soon to make sure you don’t miss out. We will have:

Gentle body movements and asana (yoga pose practice) to reconnect with your body
Mindfulness eating exercises to reawaken your taste buds and celebrate the vibrancy of foods
Mindfulness meditation to reconnect with your essential self
An aromatherapy class (we will make some yummy blends) to enliven the senses and reduce daily stress

The event is Sunday, April 26 from 12 – 4 pm. Parking is on Michigan Avenue or in the Heartdance lot on Leslie Street (the lot is clearly marked)

We hope to see you there! Check out my Workshops and Classes page to register