For The Love Of Kids And Mangoes

Today (as I write this post) it is quite gloomy outdoors … I was so wishing for another day of sunshine. Instead the forecast for today is cloudy with scattered showers… all day long (bleh). Sometimes I like the rain, however today I really needed the sun. But I am the kind of person that thinks like this… If I can’t see the sunshine outdoors, I can make the sunshine within! So I headed to my kitchen and thought, “Sunshine Smoothie to the rescue”. The star of this show: Mango!

Whenever I think of mangoes, I think of summer, sunshine, and brightness. To me, they are the ultimate summer fruit. Mangoes also pack a nutritional punch! They are a great source of vitamins A, B, C and E. They also contain the mega-important minerals of copper, potassium and magnesium. They help to alkalize the body and are even said to be an aphrodisiac! And here is a fact that I did not know; mangoes are rich in iron. I always run a little anemic and try my best to add a variety of iron rich foods to my diet. Oh mangoes, I love you!

Luckily, on a day like today, I just so happened to have two beautiful, ripe mangoes! I decided to be a little daring and add some basil leaves to my mango smoothie. I like the combination and I just so happened (being the foodie that I am) to have some gorgeous basil growing in my 3-season porch. Oh, the luck of it all! So into my kitchen I went, broke out the Vitamix and this is what I came up with:

Okay… so it is GREEN. Green foods make me feel alive, like the sun does. So for me, this is the ultimate SUNSHINE fix!

Sunshine Smoothie
The flesh of ½ large mango
1 ripe banana
3 large basil leaves (I love the brightness of basil – perfect for a gloomy day)
1 1/2 cups raw baby spinach (you could also add kale or your favorite lettuce)
2 cups filtered water (you could also try coconut water… mmmm)

Blend all ingredients in a high-powered blender and enjoy! This smoothie is filling, delicious and even a little decadent.

This is a perfect smoothie to make with children. The ingredients are simple, tasty and sweet. Experimenting in the kitchen with little ones is a great way to get them to try more fruits and veggies. I am offering a fun, interactive and educational culinary class for parents and children called, For the Love of Veggies. It will be offered through Delta Township Parks and Recreation. Come have fun creating wonderful nutritious dishes with your kids! I am offering two 3-week sessions. Registration for Session 1 begins August 24. You need not be a resident of Delta Township to join! Call 517-323-8555 bright and early on August 24 to reserve your spot. You can also register on-line.


Families will receive a copy of each recipe we make so that you can make it again at home. Getting your kids in the kitchen is an invaluable health tool. Don’t delay. Get them started right away!

The ABC’s Of Sweat-N-Stretch

Do you like in the Lansing, MI area? Are you looking for a holistic approach to fitness and nutrition that is based in science and works? Do you like to challenge yourself and are you willing to accept the rewards from your efforts? Does the idea of breathing deeply and stretching your muscles after a great workout sound delicious? Then you’ve gotta try Sweat-N-Stretch! I have some ‘try-before-you-buy’ (i.e FREE) classes coming up soon. The first is on Monday, August 31 at Patsy Watson’s School of Dance. The journey begins at 7:15 pm!

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