How I Stay Healthy During the Season of ICK, Part 5

How I stay healthy in the season of “ick” Part 5. Okay, this is going to sound crazy, but I totally embrace the occasions that I do get sick. Why? Because I know that getting sick every once in a while is actually GOOD for me. (What???) Yep, it’s true – it’s good for me and probably most (not all), of you, too. Why? Getting a fever can be good. Fevers kill off unwanted micro-organisms. Now I am not talking about super high fevers – they can be deadly. I am talking low-grade to moderate fevers. For me, that is a fever at or below 102 as my normal body temp is 97.7. Fevers challenge our immune systems to get STRONGER. This is why I do not reach for fever reducers right away. My husband, kids and some friends think I am crazy, but I truly believe that allowing some fevers to “ride it out” have helped me to develop a strong immune system as I rarely get sick enough to take meds. *I should note here, that I am in good health and have found that this practice does not compromise me. I understand that this may not be so for some*.

How I Stay Healthy in the Season of Ick Part 4

How I stay healthy during cold/flu/ick season part 4 (Confessions of a kindergarten teacher and health/nutrition coach). One of my absolute favorite ways to keep my immune system strong is my regular practice of yoga. Yes, you heard me right, YOGA. Yoga strengthens every system in the body – every one. One reason that yoga is amazing for the immune system is because it improves lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system does not have a heart to pump it. The twists, turns, inversions, contractions and releases of yoga poses give the organs and nodes a beneficial “squeeze”… an inner massage that typically does not happen in other kinds of exercise. To learn more about yoga and lymphatic drainage, read the article below. Wanna take a yoga class with me? Registration for my winter sessions will begin on December 21. More info coming soon. Classes start in January! Here is the article…enjoy

How I Stay Healthy During Cold/Flu/”Ick” Season Part 2

Confessions of a kindergarten teacher and holistic health coach part deux: Another way I strengthen my immune system during cold/flu and other “ick” season is that I consume zinc-rich foods every single day. Zinc is crucial to our body’s defense system. I know that there are a lot of zinc supplements out there – and yes, I take them on occasion – but I believe that this mineral is able to be used more readily by the body through food sources. So what are my favorite zinc-rich foods? Raw pumpkin seeds, spinach, squash (yum, it’s in season!), cashews, dark chocolate (yep, it’s a health food), beans, mushrooms and occasionally, chicken. Stay well and eat your zinc heart emoticon. Stay tuned for part 3 of this mini-series. I have more tips and tricks.

Operation Spring Break Body Begins

Okay… once again I have been naughty about not staying in touch. I have recently accepted a new position in a public Montessori school as a preschool and kindergarten teacher! I love my school and I love the kids! Like all new jobs, learning the ins and outs of new work environment is a big undertaking. Sadly it has meant that I have been remiss in keeping up with SHW updates. Well, it’s time to get back on track… again.

Here is the latest news taken from my FaceBook Page:
Operation Spring Break Bod starts today! Time to rev up my workouts. Since I have a new job as a kindergarten teacher with a public school district (I had been teaching in the private sector…. WAY different), I have been majorly overwhelmed and have not been very consistent with my workouts. I needed some inspiration to get back on track, so I booked a trip to an exotic beach (I am keeping the details private for now).
Due to my mental exhaustion, I have decided to forgo designing my own workouts and leave that to the pros. Today I popped my copy of Jillian Michaels’ Killer Buns and Thighs DVD into my laptop and burned it out! I feel marvelous!
What do you do when your inspiration to workout diminishes? How do you re-light your fire?