Anti-Anxiety Tool #3 – Keep Hormones Happy

How I Keep My Hormones Happy
Ok… I’ll admit it. I am most likely… well, probably… oh, OKAY – I am most definitely in peri-menopause. See? I said it. There – done. And yes, sometimes I get swept away in a hormonal hurricane. So how do I stay grounded most of the time? Well here is what’s in my arsenal:

I try my best to keep my blood sugar balanced. I don’t let myself get too hungry. I try to balance proteins and carbs and I make sure that if I eat something with added sugars that I consume lots of fiber to slow down the absorption of sugar (think insulin levels). I exercise every day. I practice yoga. I get lots of sleep which has been shown to help keep hormones in check and
I NEVER leave the house without my ClaryCalm!


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I diffuse this nearly every day! It reminds me of being on yoga retreat. When I was at Kripalu this summer, I swear it smelled just like this – like peace – like heaven. I feel better instantly as soon as the healing mist begins. I feel calm and centered. I can find my happy place quickly. It’s magic for me!

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