Ice Cream For Breakfast?? You Betcha!


Ice cream for breakfast? You sure can when it’s made out of frozen banana and papaya!

1 large ripe frozen banana
1/2 cup frozen papaya (I cut up a fresh papaya and froze it)
Dash of non-dairy milk (I chose almond milk)

Just toss in a high speed blender and blend til creamy! Don’t eat it too fast or BRAIN FREEZE. You can also use a food processor. I love my Vitamix blender for such a task. It’s ready in 2 minutes flat!

The frozen banana is the KEY to this “ice cream”. It creates a sweet, creamy base. The banana must be frozen.

Make this yummy treat today! Dairy free, all natural and delish. A great snack for kids, too. Don’t be afraid to get CRAZY with this. Experiment with other fruits… add mango, cherries, pineapple and berries… the possibilities are endless. Of course, just frozen bananas work great, too.