My Number 2 Anti-Anxiety Weapon (You will love it, too)

As someone with anxiety, I have found that I need a bag of tricks to keep me calm and centered. In my last post I talked about how being outside really helps to stop an anxiety attack and can also be a preventative measure for future attacks. My second most effective anti-anxiety weapon is movement.

I became an exercise enthusiast after the birth of my second child. It was my attempt to help rid myself of the excess baby weight. To my surprise, I also found that exercise really helped me to stay calm. For me, the most powerful forms of exercise for soothing the onset of attacks were aerobics and yoga. I loved (and still love) weight training, but it does not work as well for my anxiety as cardio or my beloved yoga practice.

As I mentioned in my last post, recent changes in my life have triggered my extreme stress response and I am working hard to keep things calm and under control. One gift that seems to have fallen from the heavens is I have been presented with lots of opportunities to dance. I take awesome dance classes in my community, including hip-hop, salsa and burlesque (hey, don’t judge or knock it till you’ve tried it) – and then something AMAZING happened. I was invited to be a part of a group challenge involving a comprehensive fitness and nutrition plan that involves dancing for 30 minutes for 30 days!

Extra Bennies!
In terms of anxiety, dancing (much like yoga) takes me out of my own head. I get lost in the movements, the beat, the steps, the rhythm and I feel great for hours afterwards! But I am experiencing extra bonuses: I have become more fit and trim in the process! My endurance has increased, I am lighter on my feet and after a week of dancing each day for 6 days (so far), my clothes are just a tad bit looser and I have even lost a couple of pounds!. Now I should say here that I like my body no matter what, but it is cool to see some transformation. The moves are fun, low impact (unless I want to take it up a notch) and are easy to follow. I love this program so much, that I am running a challenge group of my own!


I am looking for five determined women who are serious about getting more fit, cleaning up their diets and who are not afraid to dig deeper. Are you sick and tired of the way you look and feel? Are you looking to begin working out after a long hiatus from fitness activities? Do you like to dance and move in fun ways that are not jarring on your body? Do you need an accountability coach, health and nutrition coach that will cheer you on, give you tips and push you – just a little – so that you will not fail (that would be me)? Well do I have the challenge for you!
Join me for my very first fitness and nutrition challenge! 30 minutes for 30 days – dance, dance, dance. There are meal plans, a workout schedule with lots of variety so you don’t get bored. Each workout contains a breakdown of each move so that you can follow along. Not a natural dancer? No problem! The moves are not difficult and there are lots of modifications offered. I will act as your coach, cheerleader, educator and resource. You will also become a member of a group of warrior goddesses like you in a private Facebook forum where you can share recipes, cheer each other on, learn tips and tricks to staying on track and you get to pick my brain!

The challenge begins on Monday, August 29. If you are SERIOUS about making healthy changes in your life, please fill out the form below and I will schedule a free 20 minute consultation with you to get to know you better. Then I will provide the necessary information for you to register. Well, what are you waiting for? The form is HERE.

If you are a BADASS and want to order your challenge pack NOW so you can see all the goodies before the journey begins, follow this link to my Team Beachbody website. Please note that you will still receive a free consultation call from me, so please fill out the form.

I am excited about doing a group coaching program around this challenge. FILL OUT THE FORM and let’s get you on your way to a more fit, healthy, balanced and glorious you!

Got Questions?
Contact me and I will get back to you ASAP!!
Peace <3