One Of My Absolute Favorite Books Right Now

This is one of my absolute favorite books right now! Jammed-packed with science on how good fats promote health in our bodies. I sort of skimmed over the supplement sections. I do not really follow it because I am personally fairly conservative when it comes to supplements. But I love the recipe section. Check it out for yourself!

(Yes… I am a nutrition junkie!!!)

Sweat-N-Stretch Virtual Is A Hit!!

Our maiden Sweat-N-Stretch maiden voyage is going strong – and folks are seeing results!!!


If you didn’t get a chance to join us for this round of Sweat-N-Stretch, don’t worry. The next session begins in mid-May! Have your doubts about an on-line health and fitness program, which includes a plethora of Tabata-style workouts, short and effective yoga sessions, a nutrition library with sample meal plans and 1:1 private bi-weekly health coaching calls? Don’t take my word for it – check out Vanessa M’s results so far!!

I’m Doing It Again… 30 Videos in 30 Days!!

I am doing a 30 Videos in 30 Days challenge in January! I know lots of stuff about lots of stuff and I love sharing with people and helping them. So what do I know? I know tons about nutrition, yoga, meditation, early childhood education and child development (I have been a toddler, preschool, kindergarten and first grade teacher, childcare director, Head Start supervisor and child care specialist). I have a plethora of certifications and a few degrees. I love to teach and learn. I also know tons about parenting… I had three children in 4 years – all with pretty pronounced special needs (I am an expert in IEP’s) and have managed to raise them to be well-rounded young adults (no easy task). Essential oils, health coaching and fitness (I was a personal trainer for years) are all passions. I am doing the challenge to become more comfy on camera and to help people in all areas of health, wellness and stress reduction. (Yes, if you are an early childhood teacher and your classroom is a MESS – you’ve got STRESS!) So message me with topic interests and questions in these categories! My destiny is to educate, help, inform, challenge and uplift. Peace

The “Ick” Caught Me!

Sorry I have been silent for a few days. I have been nursing my health. I have the ick in the form of strep throat! I have to confess that I am the worst patient on the planet when it comes to taking antibiotics… the absolute worse! But I am doing as I am told because I don’t want to mess around with a strep infection. That being said, my poor belly will take a beating from this treatment. My good buggies will be devoured in the process of healing the strep. So what’s a good health coach to do? Use what she knows. In between taking the ginormous pink pills (I never remember them being so damned big!) I will eat some probiotic rich foods and take a probiotic supplement. After the treatment, I will bump up foods and drinks like kombucha, yogurt, kefir, and kraut. I will drastically reduce my sugar and simple carb intake (those leftover Christmas cookies, though…) and eat lots of green leafies. Yep… that’s what I’m gonna do and my belly will love me for it!


Sweat-N-Stretch In Your Home!

Sweat-N-Stretch Goes Virtual in 2016!

Ready to transform your body, mind and soul? Join us in a challenging, uplifting and totally effective health and fitness journey. I combine two amazing disciplines to help you get the body of your dreams. Wanna be strong, fit, lean, flexible and totally awesome? Wanna be able to do it without spending hours at the gym? Wanna have a certified holistic health coach by your side helping you to make the best food choices for YOUR body? Wanna learn more? Stay tuned…

How I Stay Healthy During the Season of ICK, Part 5

How I stay healthy in the season of “ick” Part 5. Okay, this is going to sound crazy, but I totally embrace the occasions that I do get sick. Why? Because I know that getting sick every once in a while is actually GOOD for me. (What???) Yep, it’s true – it’s good for me and probably most (not all), of you, too. Why? Getting a fever can be good. Fevers kill off unwanted micro-organisms. Now I am not talking about super high fevers – they can be deadly. I am talking low-grade to moderate fevers. For me, that is a fever at or below 102 as my normal body temp is 97.7. Fevers challenge our immune systems to get STRONGER. This is why I do not reach for fever reducers right away. My husband, kids and some friends think I am crazy, but I truly believe that allowing some fevers to “ride it out” have helped me to develop a strong immune system as I rarely get sick enough to take meds. *I should note here, that I am in good health and have found that this practice does not compromise me. I understand that this may not be so for some*.